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Seal Coating

Seal coating is designed to protect and extend the life of your existing asphalt pavements. Asphalt oxidizes as a result of the ultra violet rays, therefore becoming porous and brittle causing unnecessary cracking and unwanted deteriorations. Sealers retard this process therefore extending the life of your paving while giving it a newly resurfaced finish. Our contractors will answer all your questions and provide you a free quote.

Once a surface has been freshly asphalted it needs to undergo the process of seal coating. This process involves applying a layer of protective material to fresh asphalt. The experts at the Dallas Paving Company can provide this service on a commercial or residential basis. Using a tool similar to a squeegee the contractors apply the seal coating to the new surface. The equipment needed to perform a seal coating is equipment that should only be used by trained, professional contractors. The process of seal coating can be very risky because it involves the use of strong and harmful chemicals.