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Hiring a Local Asphalt and Paving Company

Hiring a Local Asphalt and Paving Company

Hiring the right local asphalt and paving company is as important, if not more important the overall price of the job. A job well done can last as many as 40 years with proper maintenance; however, a poorly completed project can easily increase your problems and cost!

Tips to Select the Right Asphalt and Paving Contractor

1) Beware of any contractor who approaches you and claims to have some leftover materials from another job.
2) Always be sure your paving services company is licensed, bonded and adequately insured.
3) Get a list of local references and check them. Be sure to ask the references about the quality of the asphalt and paving company’s work, their attention to detail and if the work was completed on time.

Free Site Inspection

A site inspection is an important part of the process of interviewing an asphalt and paving company. As you both walk the site you can go over any questions and concerns before the work is started.

Your local asphalt paving company should perform a site visit to determine the condition of your existing parking area, size of the parking lot, and make note of any obstructions and areas of specific concern. Whether you are looking to install a new asphalt parking lot, make asphalt repairs or need asphalt patching, during this site visit it is important to make sure the paving services contractor understands the requirements of the job. Discuss the desired footprint of the project, budget, and time frame for completion.

Additionally, drainage and proper sloping should also be discussed with the asphalt contractor prior to any work being started.
A local asphalt and paving company will provide you with not only a free estimate, but they should also detail the type of materials that will be used for the job, equipment and educate you on the process. If your parking area needs to be operational during the course of the asphalt and paving project, the paving services company can make arrangements with you and discuss the best options for getting the job done in a timely fashion with minimal disruptions to your business.

Having a local paving services company to perform your new installs, asphalt repairs and asphalt patching as needed, takes the stress of maintaining your parking lot off your shoulders. One quick call and the local representative can be over within hours.
There are few things that you can do to make the exterior of your business more appealing than having fresh, new asphalt pavement. For the most professional, high quality job, be sure to hire a local asphalt and paving company.